Student Career Discovery

One of our biggest decisions in life is choosing a career.

Only one in ten individuals know exactly what they want to do. Many of us choose based on gut feeling or well-meaning advice.

We help you make that decision using data-driven methods, uncovering your strengths & preferences to find a perfect career for you, see how it works:

To get started & discover the career that's the perfect match for you, simply follow the below steps:


SEE How WE CAN help You

  • Complete ASSESMENT

    Fill out Harrison's 25-minute industry leading SmartQuestionnaire online to measure essential, job-specific success factors.


    After your assessment has been completed, you may select a time to meet Maureen for a 90-minute one-on-one session using our online booking service. Maureen is a qualified career consultant and fully accredited Harrison assessment coach who is passionate about helping people to identify their natural talents.

  • Review with PARENT / GUARDIAN

    After a fruitful discussion and insight into yourself and professional abilities I will provide you with empiraical reports and guidance on how to debrief and further the conversation with your parents / guardians.