Customer Service

How can I help?

I have worked with over 50 companies and hundreds of individuals delivering Customer Service training. 

I work closely with you in advance to understand your specific challenges so that your people will return to work  an increased know-how in delivering customer service.

Deliver Exceptional Service with Every Interaction

What it is?

A programme tailored to your organisation's unique needs based on the specific challenges which your front line staff experience in their role. We work with you to design scenarios and case studies based on your real life customer scenarios.

Who is it for?

  • Your front line staff who meet or talk to your customers/ patients/clients everyday
  • Managers who are leading these teams
  • New Recruits
  • Experienced front-line staff who need a refresher

Re-Ignite Your Spark

Fun & Engaging Customer Service

Tailored training to your organisation's unique needs.

Promotes a healthy culture and alignment of leaders and team members.

Standardise exceptional service throughout your organisation.

Get the essentials for cultivating your team with the best in customer service training.

Real Learning

Training designed for your specific company

Choose from leadership and culture guidance, front-line customer service training, or phone skills training to suit your scenarios

We offer the right course for your team, recognising that every business is unique.

Real Fun

Interactive and engaging experience-based learning.

Trainers to re-ignite your team's spark

Actors as part of the training to play out different scenarios.

Encourages engagement, enhances skill development, and creates a fun atmosphere while impacting business results.

Real Results

Customised courses designed to meet your goals.

Ensuring customised learning that can be transplanted back into your organisation.

Tailored to your organisation's unique needs for achieving desired outcomes.

Whether in-person or online training is best for your team, we offer flexibility.

Course Overview

Outside in perspective- what are your customers expecting from you?

Proven, reproducible communication techniques to empower your team.

Relatable, authentic, and professional communication with customers.

Customised, real-life examples for practical application.

Integrate techniques quickly and easily into daily routines for immediate customer impact.

Customer Service Essentials: Transform every interaction into a positive customer service experience.

Create a consistent, top-level service model that sparks your company's culture.

Sustain the Training: Build customer service standards - so everyone in your organisation is on the same page every time

Customer Service Essentials for long-lasting results and tools for leaders to create sustainability and consistency of standards.

Learning Outcomes

Convey positive voice tone and word choices.

Consistently create positive first impressions.

Guide and control every conversation.

Understand when and how to use empathy.

Build and maintain rapport.

Transform negative messages to aid customer cooperation.

Skillfully handle difficult customer interactions.

Apply standards for internal and external communication.

Business Outcomes

Improved team morale and job satisfaction.

Fewer customer complaints.

Improved customer satisfaction.

More self-reliant and empowered employees.

Consistency of excellent service.

Breaking down silos.

Programme Format

Flexible - can be one-day onsite instructor-led session (can be split into shorter sessions)

Actors can provide a safe space for practice and learning

Live remote training options available

Presented in a multimedia, fun, and interactive manner.

Group exercises to engage participants.

Materials and job aids provided for additional learning reinforcement.

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