Developing New Managers

How can I help?

Have you recently been promoted to a new Manager?
Would you benefit from developing your management skills?
I help New Managers by sharing a set of tools and techniques with you that you will use every day in your role. I will help you build your management presence and confidence.

My approach is very practical - you will do exercises and case studies ad come away with a clear roadmap on “how” to handle your new role.

I really enjoy helping new managers feel comfortable in their role and uncovering the small changes which they can make to improve their approach. For those who want individualised help, I also offer a follow up of 1:1 coaching.

The Newly Appointed Manager - Building Your Experience

What it is?
This programme will help Managers to step up to their new role. It aims to build confidence and skills for first-time managers.

Who is it for?
New managers with some experience, or those with little formal management training looking for an introduction to management techniques.

 What will you learn?


Self-awareness is key to being an effective manager. During this programme you will assess your strengths as a leader using the highly effective psychometric tool, Harrison Assessments. This will uncover your strengths and highlight your potential de-railers.

How to identify the 6 most important Leadership Traits

Identify your current preferred management leadership and communication style - The 10 Leadership Paradoxes

Questionnaire to determine your current strengths. You will work on an Action plan throughout the programme to help move you to your desired rating.

How to manage performance to get the best from your team

How to build a cohesive team

How to engage and understand others using a range of techniques

 The Topics we will cover:

Your Leader Mindset

Know what your team expects from you. Build your self awareness to develop your individual leadership skills

How to develop your Confidence and presence as a Leader

Know what your team expects from you. Build your self awareness to develop your individual leadership skills

Learn how to communicate effectively

Learn how to sell your “why” and get your team to follow you

How to give brain-friendly feedback

Learn and practice techniques to give effective feedback and motivate

How to manage difficult conversations

Master of the skill of having a difficult conversation

Six steps to effective Delegation

Mastering the skill of delegation is key to your future success and progression as a leader

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