Managers Development Programme

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I have been working and helping managers to develop into better leaders for 20 years. In my experience, we all have our self perception of our behaviours. The key to unlocking change is by understanding how others view our behaviours.
I have worked with hundreds of managers across many industries, and I love seeing the small changes in behaviour which people make as a result of this programme.
It is really satisfying to hear back from clients about the difference these changes have made both for the individual and their teams.

Training Programme: Managers Development Programme

What it is?
This highly practical course helps managers enhance their understanding of a range of leadership and management styles to improve individual effectiveness and build teams.
This programme combines proven leadership techniques with practical advice to help managers perform at their best.
This 6 month Development programme combines 1:1 coaching and 3 workshops

Who is it for?
Experienced managers and senior supervisors with little or no formal training in people management.

 What will you learn?

How to define your role and responsibilities and assess your impact on individuals

Self awareness is essential. You will get an opportunity to measure yourself against the behaviours of high performers in a comparable industry and level of experience.

How to increase your influence and leadership presence.

We start by looking at your 10 leadership paradoxes. This highlights how others see your style over a range of key behaviours.

How to communicate confidently and positively with team members and senior colleagues

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How to motivate and develop individuals within your team

Learn how to explain your “why” inspire your team with a clear direction and get your team to follow you

The Topics we will cover:

Your ‘Why’

People management, team development, and delegation

Motivating the team

Creative problem-solving and managing difficult people

Effective communication

Personal leadership style

Creating a positive environment through change

Achieving goals through resource management

Managing the performance of others through coaching and feedback

Managing conflict

Challenging and dealing with underperformance

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