Managing Virtual Teams

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Managing Virtual Teams Training Programme

What it is?
A training programme that focuses on effectively motivating and engaging your remote team members. Our workshop is designed to create a positive work culture and drive high-performance by providing you with the necessary skills and strategies.

Who is it for?
Forward-thinking companies aiming to optimize virtual team productivity and success. It is specifically tailored for experienced remote team leaders who are dedicated to enhancing their leadership abilities.

 What will you learn?

How to amplify Team Performance:

Acquire expert strategies for confidently leading virtual teams, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

How to Empower through Motivation and Engagement:

Discover proven techniques to engage and motivate your remote team members, creating a positive work culture.

Navigating Team Formation and Development:

Understand the dynamics of virtual team formation and nurture growth and cohesion within your team.

Effective Virtual Leadership:

Develop a comprehensive toolkit of leadership skills tailored specifically for managing virtual teams, leading with agility, empathy, and adaptability.

The Topics we will cover:

6 characteristics of highly effective managers

Managing performance: getting the best from your people all day, every day

Key skills of brilliant time managers

Managing the team

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