Team Management and Leadership Skills

How can I help?

I can help you become a Better Team Leader by giving you the headspace to reflect on your current behaviours and approach.
We can measure your individual behaviours against the top performers in your industry doing a similar role. I help you to unlock your own potential with this practical programme. I have designed a programme which I wish had been available when I first stepped up to manage a team!

Leading Your Team

What it is?
A programme which helps team leaders manage their teams. This programme shows you how to create a positive team culture and how to unlock each of your team member’s potential.

Who is it for?
Team Leaders and Managers who want to bring out the best in their teams, and build a cohesive high performing team.
Team leaders who may be struggling with managing and motivating their team.

 What will you learn?

How to identify the 6 most important Leadership Traits

Self awareness is essential. You will get an opportunity to measure yourself against the behaviours of high performers

How to apply different leadership styles as per the situation

Balance is key. You will manage best if you can draw on a number of leadership styles based on what your team member needs at specific times in their development. You will understand the benefits of an agile approach which you can adapt depending on the the individual's level of development

Understand what makes an effective team

Trust, clear communication, and feeling safe are just some of the characteristics we need to foster to build a cohesive team.

Understand how teams are formed

Teams are not built overnight. Successful teams transition through various stages.
Understanding these stages will help you to facilitate your group to become a high performing team.

Developing Individuals on your Team

It's about a growth mindset. A key part of your role is to develop each team member and help them achieve their full potential. This is a huge factor in employee retention.

The Topics we will cover:

Leader mindset and behaviours

What kind of role model are you?

Helping the team perform at its best

Building a happy cohesive team

How to motivate the team

Giving brain friendly feedback

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