Women's Leadership

How can I help?

Research indicates that there is a gap in confidence between women and men in Managment roles. This holds women back. It impacts on how they lead their teams
We also know that women are less likely to put themselves forward for a promotion. This programme is designed to help close that confidence gap by giving women a toolbox of skills and techniques which builds their confidence and helps them to step up and believe in their own ability.

Women in Leadership Programme

What it is?
This highly interactive programme, combined with 1:1 coaching, focuses on personal success, goal setting, understanding personal motivations, and developing confidence and self-belief to excel a competitive working environment
Understanding yourself is key to unlocking your potential and increasing your impact and influence.
The HarrisonSmart Questionnaire will rate your leadership competencies rated against top performers in your industry.
Your individual Leadership Report gives you a deep dive into your individual strengths & potential de-railers. You are then in the driving seat, as you can now work on changing your behaviour to increase your impact and influence.

Who is it for?
Women in leadership roles, managing teams.
Women new in the workplace who wish to progress their careers and are planning to become a leader in the future. Women running their own or a family business.

 What will you learn?

Understand the 12 leadership paradoxes. Assess your own strengths and potential de-railers

Learn tools and techniques for raising your profile and building your presence and influence

Develop and maintain confidence and self-belief

The Topics we will cover:

Reflecting on success and goal setting

Understanding personal motivations and behavior

Raising your profile and building networks

Building confidence and self-belief

Please note that you can further customise the descriptions, suitable audience, learning outcomes, and topics covered based on your specific preferences and target audience.

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