Why is Customer Service Training Important?

Why is Customer Service Training Important?

Effective customer service is crucial because customers judge an organisation’s products and services based on the quality of service they receive. Organisations often overlook this final link in the chain. While companies invest heavily in advertising their products or services and creating a promise for the customer, that promise is ultimately tested when the customer comes into contact with the organisation.

What does it involve?

Jan Carlsson, the head of SAS Airlines, calls any contact point between a customer and an organisation a ‘moment of truth’. He emphasised that every moment of truth is important. For instance, if an employee is within 10 feet of a customer, they should acknowledge them with a smile; within 5 feet, they should acknowledge them verbally. Carlsson managed to turn around his struggling airline using this simple yet effective approach, which requires relentless focus on execution and buy-in throughout the organisation. Everyone is involved in creating excellent customer service when each moment of truth is managed.

‘Moments of Truth’

For front-facing staff, training may include how to greet a customer and make them feel important. By mapping out every point of interaction, we can uncover what will make for a delighted customer. It’s a series of small things; for example, greeting a customer with a smile if they’re within 10 feet and a verbal greeting if they are within 5 feet.

For example, when sending out renewal notices, instead of a bland, process-driven communication, we could reimagine the process. We could send a note expressing excitement about the ongoing partnership and highlighting the value and positive impacts we’ve had together. This turns a routine communication into another opportunity to reinforce the positive customer experience and brand value.

Is Training Necessary for Effective Customer Service?

Absolutely. Training equips employees with the skills and knowledge to meet customer expectations and handle various scenarios. Proper training ensures consistency in service, leading to a better customer experience and reinforcing the brand’s reputation. It builds confidence, improves communication, and ensures that all staff members can deliver a consistent, high-quality service. Companies who have great customer service have a consistent delivery across all ‘moments of truths’, rather than letting the intuition of the employee guide the interaction.


From the above points we can see why customer service is important, as such we can deduce that customer service training is a critical investment for any business aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. By equipping employees with the right skills and knowledge, businesses can ensure that every customer interaction is positive and consistent – communicating the brand image and identity. This not only improves the customer experience but also strengthens the brand’s reputation, ultimately leading to long-term success. Investing in comprehensive customer service training is, therefore, a strategic move that benefits both the customers and the company.

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